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Practice Happy

Running a dental practice is challenging, right? It should also be joyful and fulfilling. We exist to make sure it is. You be you!

Every dentist has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. No two are exactly alike. None are perfect. None are hopeless. We believe in leveraging your strengths and passions, and re-allocating your weak points, in order to see your practice scale with ultimate efficiency and allow you to simply be you.


Say Hello To Bethany

Bethany began in the dental industry as a mere tot – helping her dad run his family-owned general dentistry practice, performing almost all the duties, from marketing and business strategy, down to waxing the floors. In these early days of investing in her family’s business, she grew a love for the dental field that sparked a desire to blend her passion with her expertise.


With her dad always at the front of her mind, she approaches each practice as if it were his practice. With a heart of genuine care and a consistent tone of kindness, she lives her dream daily – getting in the trenches with dental teams and supporting them as they diligently serve patients across the United States.

The Giant Elephant in the       ​               Room

No one ever created a superhero character out of a dental consultant. The industry of practice management as a whole doesn’t have a great reputation, and with good reason. We’re here to challenge that. We believe the only way to change the industry is to force the industry’s hand entirely. Rather than starting with answers, we believe in starting by listening to your story, your passions, your strengths, your weaknesses, and learn what your patients already love about you. Only then will we customize a process that meets your practice where it’s at and moves it closer to your dreams and ideals.​


What We Do

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Dentist Review
Doctor Check-Up


A stagnant or declining practice is the most discouraging feeling. Whether it’s the amount of cash flow or the amount of smiles walking out your doors, we believe in empowering you to take your practice above and beyond all expectations.


Guess what. We’re not here to cut jobs, cut pay, or cut happiness. On the contrary, we exist to ensure that each staff member is leveraging their own unique strengths and performing their jobs with passion & joy.


Patient growth & retention is not as much of a mystery as one may think. Your patient numbers are simply the symptom of the overall health of your practice. We believe in healthy practices. Patient growth & retention will follow.



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