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Importance of Strategy in Finding New Employees

Have you posted a job opening recently only to find that nobody applied? Or maybe you received applications but they weren’t qualified for the job? Many places around the country are experiencing a depleted workforce making it impossible to have a full team and full schedule. Other places are finding under qualified people to work and are having to rework their expectations to continue running the business. //Show hosts Bethany Petty and Dr. Reena Kuba dive into the following important topics: • When you have a job opening now, you need to MARKET the position. You are trying to attract the best candidates to your office, so make sure it’s a glitz and glam post. • A variety of platforms exist for recruiting new talent to your team. Make sure to consider social media and your existing team as a tool for your hiring project. • Now is the time to look for talent in seemingly random places. • By focusing on a better on boarding and training process, it is possible to hire people without any dental experience.

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