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Managing Dental Drama

We’ve seen it too – every single place you walk or drive past is wielding their “Now Hiring” sign. With every sign you see, the pit in your stomach grows. What if I lose my beloved Susie? What would I do without her? The competition is absolutely real, and it’s time we step up and fight to keep our employees.

Show hosts Bethany Petty and Dr. Reena Kuba dive into the following important topics:

• Times have changed. It is no longer about the highest dollar amount when it comes to retaining employees. Other things like work-life balance matter.

• Win-Win. The employee-employer relationship should ultimately be win-win – beneficial for both parties involved.

• The ninety-day probationary period is a time of investment. We need to dig in, give feedback, and groom this person into an excellent employee.

• When you have an underperforming employee, think outside the box to shift team members around to make sure that the job still gets done.

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